Family Law, Inheritance Law, Private Law And Pro Bono Work

We have an excellent divorce practice, with the main goal to execute the divorce in a consensual way, leaving the participants in as good relations as possible, considering the situation. When this is not possible, we represent clients` interest with consideration. Our lawyers have excellent knowledge in inheritance law, establishment and management of foundations, funds and endowments. Specialty of our practice is on dividing the property in divorce procedures, dividing/splitting the local companies, multinational companies, cross border properties issues, international inheritance and property law and cases, complex family law and inheritance law issues, with multiple jurisdictions, family issues with multiple citizenships of parents and children, cross border properties issues and similar. The importance of this practice especially comes into focus when having in mind that the Republic of Serbia has approximately 6,5 million citizens and that the emigration of its citizens is around 3 million all over the world. ŠunjkaLaw has a well-established pro bono practice, in order to help those who need legal help, however are not in a financial position to obtain it at the level of expertise needed. We see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an imperative, and do our best to assess and take responsibility for our effects on social well being. ŠunjkaLaw has an excellent cooperation with the Social Works center and we often represent our clients of domestic abuse cases, cases which deal with paternity and maternity determination etc.