Key Players

ŠunjkaLaw is consisted of legal professionals who are qualified to recognize problems in their early stage, make a close study of Clients’ legal requirements and then solve the problem.

We are a relatively young team, but with the depth of experience which is gained through continuous challenges.

Staying on course and being aware of potential obstacles and opportunities requires lawyers who are able to stay on top of increasingly complex legislation. We are devoted to that and we do our best to protect our Clients’ interests.

A good lawyer has to be business friendly, innovative, creative and dynamic in order to enable his Client’s business to develop smoothly with success.

Through very intense and patient work, we have built a very dynamic, groundbreaking and unconventional, yet a serious and effective legal team. Loyalty to and protection of our Client’s interests have never been subject of any compromise.

The confidence which our Clients have in our work, professionalism and protection of their interests is our business religion.