Tomislav Šunjka

Mr. Tomislav Šunjka is a founder and principal of ŠunjkaLaw, an independent, specialized and focused law firm in Serbia.
His background is business law. Tomislav represented clients who purchase and sell companies in complex cross-border transactions for residents and non-residents as well.

He is a leading authority, unrivaled for complex issues, strategy thinker and focused professional. His knowledge of foreign laws, ex-territorial laws and resources for working internationally has valued his position as an upper class player.

Tomislav is an extraordinary case manager and supervisor in multi-jurisdictions cases and clients want him for that role even if Serbia is not one of the jurisdictions.

As an upgrade of his strong business law background, which gives him in - depth understanding of the business structures and transactions, Tomislav is an exceptional authority in anti – corruption and anti – bribery and integrity, risk assessment, strong tailored strategy and program and Code of Conduct, compliance program and identify gaps, policies and procedures in response to corporations’ risks, and prioritization of high risk operations. He is a certified auditor for ISO Standard 19600 – Compliance management systems and ISO 37001 Standard on Anti-Bribery Management System and a Lead Auditor for the ISO 37301 Standard on Compliance Management Systems. Correspondingly, his practice also includes FCPA, UKBA, SAPIN II compliance and investigation cases and works, anti – fraud and worldwide civil and criminal asset tracing and asset recovery. When a corporate investigation is in question, he is praised for his pragmatic and responsive approach, with strong commitment to find the right solutions for the client. He developed a deep practice of corruption in sport, integrity in sport, compliance in Sport, investigations in sport, complex disputes between leagues and clubs and stakeholders interests.

With his experience, he is an unavoidable client's choice in civil and commercial complex litigation and white collar cases.

When clients have crises, they deliver the managing of crises and damage control to his hands with full confidence. In CRISES he will always find RESOLUTIONS and AN EXIT. When they need background and prior analyses, they rely on his findings.

In Sanction and International trade cases Tomislav is the first choice for Clients from Russia, to bridge and be a case preparator and manager of a team, together with our strategic partner in Washington DC, in different procedures before the USA authorities.

As a founder member and Council member of BRILA, he supports the interest of Chinese clients on Belt and Road and opposite western clients in the Chinese market.

Tomislav is the current Co-Chair of the International Bar Association (IBA) Asset Recovery Committee, Former Regional Representative for Europe of the International Bar Association (IBA) Anti-Corruption Committee, Former Vice-chair of the International Bar Association (IBA) Asset Recovery Subcommittee. He is a member of the ICC FraudNet, top tier asset tracing and asset recovery network in the civil fraud section of Chambers Global and a Council member of BRILA.