16th Annual IBA Anti Corruption Conference in Paris

Mr. Tomislav Sunjka will be attending the 16th Annual IBA Anti Corruption Conference in Paris on the 12th and 13th of June, in the capacity of Regional representative of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee for Europe.

Topics will include:

• How to recover assets but avoid confronting the corrupt politician directly
• Lost in translation: Negotiating multijurisdictional proceedings and settlements
• Double jeopardy
• Self-reporting and legal professional privilege in the context of bribery investigations
• Navigating the data protection labyrinth: due diligence, cross-border investigations,
internal reporting mechanisms and investigations in the era of GDPR
• Mock trial before the World Bank Sanctions Board
• A doctrinal dilemma: corruption issues in parallel criminal and arbitral proceedings
• The legal profession in the firing line – customer and transaction due diligence post-Paradise Papers

Detailed programme for the Conference can be found here.