World Bank Group’s Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2017

Law office of Tomislav Šunjka is proud to be a part of the World Bank Group’s – Enabling the Business of Agriculture 2017.

Enabling the Business of Agriculture examines and monitors regulations that impact how markets function in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors. The ultimate aim is to promote smart regulations that ensure safety and quality control as well as efficient regulatory processes that support thriving agribusinesses. The latest edition provides analysis and results from 62 countries, covering all regions of the world.

Third, in an annual series, the EBA report presents data on legal barriers for farmers, entrepreneurs and businesses operating in agriculture in 62 countries and across the topics of land, seed, fertilizer, machinery, water, livestock, finance, markets, transport, and information and communication technology (ICT). The 2017 edition also expands its survey of laws and regulations that impact environmental sustainability and gender.

The full report can be found here.