Tomislav Šunjka presenting a panel at the 17th Annual Anti-Corruption conference on 25th of June in Paris

At the 17th Annual Anti-Corruption conference, with Renaud Jaune, Denis Masseglia, Philippe Menard, Andy Spalding and Sophie Scemla as moderator, Tomislav Sunjka, in the capacity of Regional Representative of the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee for Europe, will be presenting a panel named “Corruption in sport and anti-bribery compliance in the lead up to major international sporting events”

The Rio Olympics, the Sochi Winter Olympics, scandals in several national sports leagues and the FIFA case have shown the need for greater anti-corruption awareness, enforcement and compliance in the sporting world. How do we reconcile the need for extensive fundraising and sponsorship with anti-bribery policies and procedures? How do we identify the bribery risks in the organisation of the major sporting events? The session will discuss best practices in anti-bribery compliance and ethics frameworks, with a particular focus on preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

More on the conference can be found here.