Ivan Štrbac

Mr. Ivan Štrbac started working in the ŠunjkaLaw in 2010. Before he started his career as a lawyer, he worked at County Court in Novi Sad (2007-2009) and Court of Appeals in Novi Sad (2009-2010).

Since then, his area of practice is business law and complex litigation, especially employment law, where he advises and represents both employees and employers, in negotiations, dispute resolution and before competent courts, arbitration and other competent bodies. Related to aforementioned, he acquired a vast knowledge in employment contracts, various modes of employment termination and non-competition clauses, and their effect in complex litigation matters.

He is also well versed in all corporate and litigation matters, which gives him a wider perspective when dealing with his clients legal issues.

His aforementioned expertise in business law gives him wider perspective when dealing with white collar and financial crime, and corporate and internal investigations, in which scopes he is deemed as a major player, with his peers and clients noting his world-class work handling on financial and corporate crime matters and in depth investigation expertise.

He stands out with his great analysis capability and excellent knowledge and open-minded and strategic approach.

Mr.Štrbac also has a LLM degree in the field of International Private Law.

He is a member of Lawyers Bar Association of Serbia ( https://aks.org.rs/sr_lat/ ) and Lawyers Bar Association on Vojvodina ( http://www.akv.org.rs/ )