Branka Stojanović-Šunjka

Mrs.Branka Stojanović Šunjka became an attorney at law in 1996., and she joined the ŠunjkaLaw in 2001. Since then she has worked her way in providing her clients with the best possible advice in legal matters and building a relationship of understanding clients’ most complex problems and needs.

Mrs. Branka Stojanović Šunjka is an expert in private and family law, and an excellent divorce attorney, whose main goal is to execute the divorce in a consensual way, leaving the participants in as good relations as possible, considering the situation. When this is not possible, she represents clients' interest with consideration. Her focus is on complex family law and inheritance law issues, with multiple jurisdictions, family issues with multiple citizenships of both parents and children, cross border properties issues and similar, dividing the property in divorce procedures, dividing/splitting the local companies, multinational companies, cross border properties issues, international inheritance and property law and cases.

She also deals with a range of business law and complex litigation issues in connection with the above matters.

She is an expert in real estate cases as a part of private law, where she always punctually assures the risks and advantages from her clients point of view, performing due diligence of real estate, in renting, letting, leasing and purchasing existing property as well as property still under development.

Her clients always enlist her help in detailed analyses of corporations and individuals around the world.

She feels related to people, the cases she works on and has a strong personal connection with her clients.

Mrs.Šunjka has a well-established practice to help those who need legal help, however are not in a financial position to obtain it, at the level of expertise needed. Bearing said in mind, Mrs.Šunjka has an excellent cooperation with the Social Work Center, and often represents clients of domestic abuse cases, cases involving paternity and maternity determination etc., pro bono.

She is a member of the Lawyers Bar Association of Serbia ( and the Lawyers Bar Association on Vojvodina ( ).