Happy Holidays 2018 from ŠunjkaLaw

At the end of each year, we turn back and analyze our actions and consequences of our actions, good things, bad things, moments of happiness and moments of sadness, in order to learn from the past and improve ourselves and the future.

This year we are on a mission to try to improve the lives of the ones that are less fortunate than us.

This is where we call you to help us: Red Cross of Novi Sad every year organizes delivery of holiday packages, to children without parental care, from multi-member families and in a general state of need, through the project called “One little package – A lot of love”. The overall objective of the project is to bring even a small amount of joy to children in need. And you can help too, by making a small donation to the bank account numbers as listed in the video.

At the holiday season, our thoughts also turn gratefully to you, our partners, associates, clients, friends, because it was you who made our progress possible. It is in this spirit that we say Thank you and Best wishes for the holidays and Happy New Year!

Watch our video Holiday card here.