Founders statement

The motto that makes the pure essence of our job is having no problems on one’s life and career path.

We are qualified to prevent problems. We are qualified to recognize them in their early stage, to make a close study of a client’s legal requirements and then – to solve the problem.

This is what you expect from your counselor to do. We are a relatively young team, but with the depth of experience which has been gained through continuous challenges. Our legal expertise is your advantage. Staying on course and being aware of potential obstacles and opportunities requires lawyers who are able to stay on top of increasingly complex legislation. We are devoted to that and we do our best to protect our client’s interests.

In the course of work, we often go beyond the usual understanding of the lawyer’s scope of work because we serve our clients from the very beginning to the end of the case. The job is only done when the client is fully served and satisfied. To achieve that, in the course of our duties, we cooperate with other consultants of our clients. Also, in order to provide our clients with a full service package, we developed an excellent network of notaries, accountants and tax specialists, audits, investigators and forensic specialists.

This partnership enables us to provide our client with full support in dealing with transactions and disputes in the country and abroad. There are no standard clients for us.

Each client is guaranteed with an individual hands on (tailor made) approach which assures high-quality legal support.

On the other hand, we also expect a substantial contribution. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, the key factors for success are the client’s trust, insight and relevant information. The Law is the most important part of my life, after my family. Lawyers who always say no and that something cannot be done and who themselves have no solution to a problem, are not business familiar.

A good lawyer must be business friendly, innovative, creative and dynamic in order to enable his client’s business to develop smoothly with success.

I love and understand the Law. The Law is a realistic tool to accomplish one’s own goals. Through very intense and patient work, I have built a very dynamic, groundbreaking and unconventional, yet a serious and effective legal team. Loyalty and protection of my client’s interests have never been the subject of any compromise. The confidence which my clients have in my work, professionalism and protection of their interests is my business religion.

Clients and lawyers always mutually recognize each other.

If they fail to recognize each other, everything ends with one single advice or legal representation. On the other hand, if they do recognize each other, their relationship shall last for a long time. The benefits for both, the client and the lawyer, are more than obvious. The business environment shall say for such a client “do business freely with him, his lawyers are trustworthy”. For such a lawyer, they shall say “do business freely with him, he represents a serious and respectable businessman or company”.

My clients lay their trust in me.

Tomislav Šunjka, founder and principal of ŠunjkaLaw