Velibor Repaja

Mr.Velibor Repaja joined the ŠunjkaLaw in 2004, and since that time he developed a practice that is based on Clients trust combined with his expertise in legal matters.

He began his legal career in the Municipal court in Sombor, Republic of Serbia, where he acquired much needed insight in legal matters and procedures of litigation. Also, this enabled him to understand the judicial system very well, from the inside, which is of great benefit when representing his Clients before competent courts. By sitting at the other side of the table, Mr.Repaja knows how judges think, which is of great value of his Clients. Ultimately he chose to be a lawyer after all, because the creativity of the profession appealed to him, and because he values the personal commitment to his Clients.

His Clients entrust him with the most difficult legal matters, as he has gained their trust over the years he represented them. New Clients easily grow their trust in him, seeing that his approach to work and his methods of work are extremely meticulous and get to the very core of a particular legal matter.   He has a sharp eye for detail, but in the end he is also aware that only the result counts.

Mr. Velibor Repaja resolves complex problems. When litigation is in question, he is a formidable opponent.

He also has a vast experience in insolvency and restructuring procedures, where he advises his Clients how to properly secure their claims in the most effective and efficient way.

Also, his other areas of practice include complex International and national litigations, Corporate law, Foreign and domestic Commercial & Trade Law, Damages and Torts, Insolvency and restructuring of debt, Carriage Transport Insurance and Insurance Law, Contract Law.

He is a member of Lawyers Bar Association of Serbia ( https://aks.org.rs/sr_lat/ ) and Lawyers Bar Association on Vojvodina ( http://www.akv.org.rs/ ) .