Jelena Anđelić

Mrs. Anđelić is incorporated in the ŠunjkaLaw from the very start of her career, and has grown for the last eight years with the office and was molded by the office as a law practitioner.  She is also a part of the management and takes on legal marketing in addition to her regular practice.

Her area of expertise is Business law and complex litigation, where she has a decisive approach to legal issues. When assessing cases, she performs a speedy analysis of interests and risks and is not fazed by complex matters. Her clients and peers describe her as highly organized, precise, with great attention to details and as a prompt reply person. As a part of business law, she has special focus on data protection and IP and IT law.

Jelena, as an up – grade of business law skills, is also well versed in anti – corruption and anti – bribery and integrity matters, providing anti – corruption and anti – bribery risk assessment, developing and implementing strong tailored strategy and program and Code of Conduct, accessing existing compliance programs and identifying gaps, articulate policies and procedures in response to corporations’ risks, prioritization of high risk operations and similar.

Also, she performs detailed analyses of corporations and individuals around the world expertly, with in-depth analysis of information, which can serve as an accurate, timely, and actionable risk management tool.

She is a member of the Bar Association of Serbia ( and the Bar Association of Vojvodina (