Anti – Corruption And Anti – Bribery And Integrity

We offer services of Anti – corruption and anti – bribery risk assessment, developing and implementing a strong tailored strategy and program and Code of Conduct, access to existing compliance programs and identify gaps, articulating policies and procedures in response to corporations’ risks, prioritization of high risk operations. Anti – corruption due diligence as a process of thorough and objective examination of desk integrity and compliance, includes assessment as well as in-depth, and, as the case may be, ‘in situ’ investigations relating to entities and/or individuals, due diligence and assessment, research, monitoring, analysis and advice, including assessment and development of policies, in the area of compliance-related anti – corruption issues and perform Anti – Corruption Monitoring, as well as design of compliance and anti-corruption programs. We offer consulting for ISO Standard 19600 – Compliance management systems and consulting and certification for ISO 37001 Standard on Anti-Bribery Management Systems.  As counselors we are approached by corporations, after being alerted to potential compliance breaches either through internal control mechanisms or a third party, such as a bank, insurance or other financial institutions. For whistle-blowers, we provide legal counseling and legal protection. In the certification business we have a partner cooperation with Ethic Intelligence France and Red Flag Group USA.

FCPA, UKBA, SAPIN II compliance and investigation cases and works.

We also deal with FCPA, UKBA, SAPIN II compliance and investigation cases and works. We performed successfully Anti-corruption and Anti – bribery investigations, litigation and prosecutions.

Anti – Fraud

We represent victims of frauds committed by business and government professionals such as fraud, bankruptcy fraud, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, medical crime, public corruption, copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, environmental crime, pension fund crime, consumer fraud, occupational crime, securities fraud, financial fraud and forgery and similar frauds. Combat internal and external fraud – both after it comes to light and before it can manifest. We can help our Clients cut risk exposure and avert fraud – fueled disasters like Fraud Risk and Controls, Investigations, litigation and prosecutions and representing before different authorities.

Asset Tracing And Asset Recovery

Actions and proceedings to locate, freeze and recover the proceeds of national and cross – border fraud, corruption, economy and financial crime and civil asset recovery actions and proceedings in favor of creditors, insolvency creditors, individuals, corporations and state authorities. We have access to 24/7 rapid international deployment force to recover Client`s stolen assets. We have experience in all fields of asset recovery, from the simplest one-jurisdiction case to multi-billion-dollar fraud and corruption cases involving multiple jurisdictions.

Anti – Money Laundering

We can help companies identify risks; assist with due diligence processes and inquiries; draft policies and guidance; document business processes and ensure controls are embedded as well as monitor ongoing programs. We can devise and deliver training programs for all employees up to board level, but also represent and advise in anti – money laundering investigations, litigation and prosecutions.