Branka Stojanović - Šunjka

Mrs.Branka Stojanović Šunjka joined ŠunjkaLaw in 2001, since when she has worked her way in providing her Clients with the best possible advices in legal matters and building a relationship of understanding Clients’ most complex problems and needs.

Mrs.Branka Stojanović Šunjka deals with a range of civil-law issues.

She is an expert in real estate cases, where she always punctually assets the risks and advantages from her Clients point of view. She never hesitates to tell her Clients the truth and handles complex issues in the interface between private law and administrative and public law.

Her Clients always enlist her help due diligence of real estate, in renting, letting, leasing and purchasing existing property as well as property still under development. Also, her advising is irreplaceable when legalization of real estate is in question.

She feels related to people and cases and has a strong personal connection with her Clients.

Also, Mrs.Šunjka has a well-established practice to help those who need legal help, however are not in a financial position to obtain it, at the level of expertise needed. Bearing said in mind, Mrs.Šunjka has an excellent cooperation with Social works center, and often represents her Clients in domestic abuse cases, cases which deal with paternity and maternity determination etc.

Mrs. Branka Stojanović Šunjka is also an excellent divorce attorney, whose main goal is to execute the divorce in a consensual way, leaving the participants in as good relations as possible, considering the situation. When this is not possible, she represents Clients interest with consideration.

Her expertise also includes complex International and national litigations, Damages and Torts, Carriage Transport Insurance and Insurance Law, Contract Law.

She is a member of Lawyers Bar Association of Serbia (https://aks.org.rs/sr_lat/) and Lawyers Bar Association on Vojvodina ( http://www.akv.org.rs/ ).